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What is the FOHN?

The Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing will be a new independent professional membership organisation to represent and support OHN's to practice competently to the highest standards.

Who is it for?

For Occupational Health Nurses in the UK and potentially worldwide. A longer term aim will be to welcome other multidisciplinary OH members.

What will it do?

Practice guidance, standards and research will be the main focus of what we do. A one stop shop to membership services, such as indemnity insurance will be another. However, we will also be guided by feedback from the consultation exercises.

What will it not do?

It will not take the place of any regulatory bodies such as the NMC or become a Union.

How can I get involved?

In early 2016 we will be sending a survey to all OHN's to seek views on a future FOHN and OHN education. It is vital that we receive a good response in order to influence stakeholders, such as the NMC, and provide us with feedback on what you want from a FOHN. We will also be carrying out focus group work, so hopefully there will be various ways in which you can become involved. 

When can I join?

There will be a membership launch in 2018.

Will it be part of a college?

No, a faculty does not have to be part of a college. It will be an independent charitable organisation but with close links to the National School of Occupational Health.

Why the launch in 2018?

We are taking a project management approach to ensure that all the legal and governance issues associated with creating a new organisation are properly in place and sustainable. We are also keen to engage with the wider OH community to form an organisation that is modern and relevant to OHN's needs - this takes time.

What about funding?

The AOHNP have donated £8000 to help with the set up costs but we will be seeking additional funding.

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