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What is the FOHN?

The Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing will be a new independent professional membership organisation to represent and support OHN's to practice competently to the highest standards. As the voice of OH nursing we will continue to make statements of intent and work with key decision makers.

Who is it for?

For Occupational Health Nurses in the UK and potentially worldwide. We will also welcome other multidisciplinary work and health team members. We will also consider membership from allied professionals as affiliate members.

What will it do?

Standards, guidance and research will be the main focus of what we do. FOHN will be a one-stop shop for membership services, career development and good practice. However, we will also be guided by feedback from our members and will actively consult our members for feedback on services and support necessary for them to maintain and improve their practice.

What will it not do?

It will not take the place of any regulatory bodies such as the NMC or become a Union.

How can I get involved?

The FOHN is setting up two committees; professional development and quality and practice and will be holding a number of workshops on key projects. We also have a LinkedIn Group and will be producing a regular e-newsletter. The success of each of these initiatives requires input from practicing OH nurses and their wider teams, so join our network by completing the contact form on our website

When can I join?

The organisation will not officially launch till 1st October 2018, therefore it will not be possible to join before then. 

Direct New Membership of FOHN will be opened during the month leading up to the launch on 1st October 2018. You can register your interest in membership through the FOHN website or the email and we will contact you with details about membership as soon as they are ready.

Will it be part of a college?

No, a faculty does not have to be part of a college. It will be an independent charitable organisation but with close links to the National School of Occupational Health.

When is the launch?

We are launching the FOHN on 1st October 2018 with membership being offered to nurses working in occupational health and others who are affiliated to their work.

Where will the FOHN be based?

We will primarily be a virtual organisation, operating online with events across the UK. Our business address is shared with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine at 2 Lovibond Lane, London SE10 9FY where we have a hot desk and access to the Education Centre for Occupational Health.

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