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The FOHN Development Group are all qualified occupational health nurses, this page is a summary of their different backgrounds and experiences.  

Christina Butterworth photo

Christina Butterworth

Christina has experience of OH management at UK and  international level in a variety of organisations. She represents OH Nursing on the Council for Work and Health and National School of Occupational Health. She was awarded an Honorary Fellowship from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in 2015 for leadership in OH Nursing.


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Susanna Everton

Susanna is currently working as a freelance OH Nurse & Safety Consultant with a special interest and expertise in OH and safety management systems and health surveillance, particularly hearing and noise. She represents the AOHNP (UK) as Vice President and is a member of the BSI Committee HS/001 OH and Safety Management and is a CMIOSH.  



Fiona King

Fiona's current position is working at HS2 as Senior Occupational Health Manager, where she is pioneering health strategies in the construction sector to improve health outcomes for the individuals working there.  Fiona is an engaging and delivery focused leader, which drives her passion in enabling people to remain, or return, to work, following illness or injury.



Joanna Elliot

Joanna Elliot is the Chief Nursing Adviser, Lead practitioner and OH manager in Health and Social Care, Justice and the communications industry in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland for 30 years.

Allison Caine
Allison has worked for a number of national and regional organisations and being part of some significant changes in industry, OH provision and specialists medical services, such as; the National Drug and Alcohol policy for British Rail, changing OH provision from a treatment based to a proactive/nurse led service delivery model and introducing access to EMDR post trauma. All of which have improved the health of the employees under her care and the professional role of occupational health nurses.


Elisabeth Eades
A Bart's Nurse, Elisabeth was an A&E sister before moving into Occupational Health to work as the "store sister" at Debenhams, Oxford Street.  Post family, she continued her OH career in the NHS, call centres and the utillities industry, joining Surrey Police in 2007 as head of department.  As a member of the HR senior management team at Surrey Police, Elisabeth has cultivated a more positive perception of OH as a proactive, business focused department, encourging strong links between performance, attendance, wellbeing and health.

Lyndsey Marchant
Having completed her initial nurse education in the Royal Navy and also having worked within the prison service, Lyndsey's strong work ethic and commitment to succeed has lead her to where she is now.

Lyndsey has worked as an independent nurse practitioner since 2007 and established her company Phoenix Occupational Health Ltd in 2011. She provides independent occupational health services in a range of settings including education, manufacturing, and engineering. Lyndsey was an auditor for the governments Fit for Work service during its pilot scheme and has been a Director for the Association of Occupational Health Nurses.
She is a practice teacher and has supported 3 students to gain their Specialist OH qualification.

Lyndsey has a strong business focus, ensuring that she offers practical advice in an easy to understand format. She is passionate about the role that occupational health serves within the wider remit of "healthcare" and strives to develop strong relationships with her customers and peers.


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