FOHN 2016 survey results

In April/May 2016 a survey was conducted to gather the views of UK occupational health nurses. The survey had three objectives:

1. To gather information and opinion on what the OHN profession want and expect from a future FOHN.
2. To gather information and opinion on what the OHN profession think about OHN education now and for the future.
3. To understand the demographic characteristics of nurses working in the occupational health setting.

The survey has now been completed and analysed and on behalf of the Faculty Development Group (FDG) we would like to say a massive thank you to the 1,429 OH nurses who responded. The results are to be published in the Occupational Health [at work] journal in a two part series (first edition published October 2016). They can also be found by clicking here.  Key findings include:
  • The need for an OH nursing 'voice' to represent the profession.
  • The need for professional support, guidance and resources for OH nurses.
  • To ensure that OH nurse education is fit for the future.
The FDG has prepared a statement about the findings and the next steps, this can be downloaded here.

For a summary of the 2015 position paper on Occupational Health Nurse Education, Funding and Regulation please download here.


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