Welcome to the Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing


Welcome to the Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing (FOHN) development website.


Our vision is to promote excellence in the education, research and evidence based practice of all occupational health nurses for the benefit of the working population.

Our mission

The main purpose is to promote, preserve and protect the health of the working population. FOHN will achieve its' purpose by:
  • Creating standards and providing guidance for the education and practice of occupational health nurses in order to promote and sustain professional excellence and competency.
  • The provision of services that enhance confidence, competency and credibility to practice occupational health effectively and safely.
  • The provision of a framework and support for professional and regulatory standards.
  • The promotion of national and international research and evidence based practice for all concerned.
  • Engagement at a local, national and international level with all key stakeholders.

Our values
Professionalism, Leadership, Quality, Collaboration, Competence and Integrity.

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